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Improvements to QR Codes and Performance

Minor update today -- you can now download all of the QR codes for your gameroom at once! :) I also made the following improvements, some of which were rolled out over the last week or two:

If you encounter any problems or have any questions or feedback, please email me at pezpunk@iScored.info or contact me on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/iScored.info/. Have fun and thanks for using iScored!!


Search and Scroll

Happy First Contact Day everyone!!

Here are some cool new features for you to play with. First, you can now search your gameroom either by game or by player. If you search by game, it automatically scrolls to that game. If you search by player, it highlights all of that player's scores (if it can't find an exact match, it highlights all similar names). The search button is located near the top right corner of the screen, next to the tags button. Additionally, I changed the Idle Scroll Animation behavior. Instead of reversing direction when it reaches the last game, it now scrolls infinitely in the same direction. This is better, because under the old method, games on the far left and right sides of the screen were only visible momentarily. Now every game gets its chance to move across the entire screen, and they're all visible for the same amount of time.

I also fixed some display bugs with time-based scoring, and addressed some issues with iScored dropping images or scores from very, very large gamerooms.

Please let me know if you encounter any problems. As always, I can be reached via the iScored Facebook Page or pezpunk@iScored.info. Thanks everyone for supporting iScored!


Lots of Goodies

Hello everyone! Just want to formally announce a bunch of small enhancements to iScored. Some of these items have been live for a couple weeks, and some are brand new today:

Furthermore, I've also made it possible to link to a specific game in your gameroom by adding the "scrollTo" parameter at the end of your gameroom URL. You can find the direct-link URL for each of your games on the "Games" tab of the Settings screen, just above the QR code for that game: I also want to mention that the server migration is complete, and everything seems to be working better than ever. Please let me know if you encounter any problems! I can be reached via the iScored Facebook Page or pezpunk@iScored.info. Thanks everyone for supporting iScored!


Game Width, Clock, and Other Stuff

New feature! You can now change the width of the games in your game room. This is very useful if you are using full names instead of initials, and need more horizontal space per game. The settings for game width are under the "Layout" tab of the "Settings" screen. There have also been a number of other minor updates and fixes over the last few months that I didn't formally announce:

As always, thank you for using iScored, and let me know if you have any questions, issues, or suggestions! I can be reached via the iScored Facebook Page or pezpunk@iScored.info. Have Fun!


Admin Approval and Require Photo Features

I'm excited to announce today's launch of two very frequently-requested features! Number one is the new "Admin" tab, where you can configure iScored to hide submitted scores until they are approved by an administrator:

Furthermore, you can now require users to attach a photo with any score submission:

Additional Improvements:
- Deleting scores can now be done only when logged in, via the "Delete Score" button that now appears on the score entry screen (the previous method of entering a zero simply enters a score of zero now -- much more intuitive!).
- Moved several layout-related options from the "Options" tab to the "Layout" tab.
- Implemented various performance improvements and bug fixes.

iScored depends on its user base for feedback -- please let me know if you encounter any problems or have any other comments! I can be reached via the iScored Facebook Page or pezpunk@iScored.info Thanks everyone for using iScored!


Major Mobile Scoring Improvements

Today's update introduces HUGE usability and performance improvements to the UI when entering scores via phone:

This, along with the QR code update two weeks ago, make score entry easier than ever! iScored's look and feel is in the process of becoming much more phone-friendly, now that phones are becoming a major use case. Expect more improvements and new features soon!

Additional Notes:
- Fixed several scrolling and scrollbar issues
- Improved support for various devices.
- Temporarily disabled the ability for users who are not logged in to delete scores, even if "public score entry" is enabled. This will become a configurable option in the future.

This update has a ton of changes behind the scenes to facilitate future improvements. I wouldn't be surprised if some bugs slipped in. Please let me know via the iScored Facebook Page or pezpunk@iScored.info if you run into any problems or have any feedback! Thanks everyone for using iScored!


Game Links, QR Codes, and Game Photos!

Two really cool new features launch today!

First, I've added the ability to make a link (or a scannable QR code) that opens directly to a particular game's score entry screen in your gameroom. This means that you can attach a QR Code to your game, and a user can then scan that QR code and enter their score right there with their phone. No app or login required, if you enable "Public Mode" and "Public Score Entry".

This brings me to the other new feature: iScored now supports the ability to upload photo evidence of your score! In the upper right corner of the score entry panel, there is now a camera icon. Click on that, take a picture (or select one from your photo library) and it will be uploaded along with your score when you hit the "Post Your Score" button!

Click here to see these features working together!

By the way, the image is resized on the client side to be quite small -- your players will be using very little data when they send an image. I am still tuning this feature, and may increase the resolution of the images once I have more performance metrics.

I'm eager to hear feedback on these new features. As always, please let me know if you run into any problems. Thanks everyone for using iScored!


Big Buttons, Beating Back Bugs

Added the ability to change the size of the buttons on the on-screen keyboards:

I've also improved the CSS fault detection - it should be much harder to break your gameroom by inserting invalid CSS, and if a game's CSS does cause an issue, you will now be able to fix it more easily.

- Fixed a bug that was causing the on-screen keyboards to malfunction when the idle scroll animation kicked in.
- Fixed a bug causing the Navigation Menu to sometimes stop working in Public Mode.
- Improved error handling
- Miscellaneous other fixes and improvements.

As always, please let me know if you experience any issues! I can be reached on the iScored Facebook Page or via pezpunk@iScored.info. Thanks for continuing to use iScored!


Game Spacing

Today, I added the ability to add spacing between, above, and below the games in your game room: Your banner image will be used as the background of your entire gameroom.

This setting can be found in the "Layout" tab, previously known as the "banner" tab. The value is a standard CSS Margin property.

Please let me know if you find any problems with this latest update, or have any other feedback! I can be reached on the iScored Facebook Page or via pezpunk@iScored.info. Thanks for continuing to use iScored!


Lineup Sorting Improvements

Added some new functionality to the Lineup tab -- you can now sort the list alphabetically, and reverse the current order of the list. Rejoice! At the same time, I fixed a bug where drag and drop sorting stopped working if your game room had more than ... *checks notes* ... 930 games.

That's not a typo. That's a real bug one of you found (and I fixed).

Anyway, as always, please let me know if you find any problems with this latest update, or have any other feedback! I can be reached on the iScored Facebook Page or via pezpunk@iScored.info. Thanks for continuing to use iScored!


Image Upload Improvements

Today I made some significant tweaks to how image uploading works, in response to several users experiencing poor performance due to using massive images.

Basically, if you upload a gigantic image for a game logo or background image, it will now be rescaled automatically to a more appropriate size.

Since this rescaling is performed at upload time, if you are experiencing poor performance, please try re-uploading your game backgrounds and logos.

Let me know if you find any problems or have any feedback -- as always, I can be reached on the iScored Facebook Page or via pezpunk@iScored.info. Thanks everyone for continuing to use iScored!


Export Data, Negative Scores, and Zero Scores

Several minor features added today:

You can now export your scores to an Excel spreadsheet by opening the Navigation Menu and clicking "Download Scores". Additionally, iScored now accepts scores that are zero or below zero. Thanks for continuing to use iScored! Let me know if you find any problems or have any feedback -- I can be reached on the iScored Facebook Page or via pezpunk@iScored.info. Thanks again and keep flippin'!



Today I am excited to announce the release of a new feature that provides capabilities that many of you have been requesting for years!

Tagging games lets you instantly configure your gameroom to display myriad groupings of the games in your collection. For example, you can display all your arcade game scores on one screen, and all your pinball scores on another! It's also perfect for situations where you only want to show certain games for a particular event or location. You can add any number of tags to a single game, and a tag can be any word or phrase you want. The UI will even suggest tags you've used before.

Any tag you apply to a game will then automatically become a menu item on main gameroom screen, allowing you to easily reconfigure the display to show only the groups of games you're interested in.

As always, please let me know if you have any feedback or find any bugs! You can reach me on the iScored Facebook Page or via pezpunk@iScored.info. Thanks everyone, and have fun!


MERCH!! (and a minor bug fix)

Eventually, you will have to take a shower and leave the house -- be prepared with this BRAND NEW iScored Merch! T-shirts, hoodies, tanks, and leggings, available in a plethora of colors!

Store link: https://teespring.com/stores/iscored-merch By the way, I also fixed a bug that was causing the idle scroll animation to hang on certain devices. Let me know if you're still experiencing this issue! Thanks, everyone, and stay safe!


Public Gameroom Score Entry

By popular request, I have added a new feature that allows the public gameroom URL to accept score entries! This feature is disabled by default, but if you go into your settings and enable it, then anyone with your public gameroom URL will be able to enter scores for themselves without logging in to anything! This feature can be very fun and handy for casual situations, but please only use this is if a) you generally trust the people using it, or b) you won't be too mad if some dingdong you gave the URL to deletes everyone's scores. I have no way to restore deleted scores, sorry! :(

Obviously, this setting only affects score entry -- public users won't be able to modify your lineup or access any other settings.

This feature is somewhat experimental. Please let me know if you find any bugs or have any suggestions! As always, I can be contacted either through the iScored Facebook Page or via pezpunk@iScored.info.


Single-Game Gameroom Support

For anyone who only has one game, or wants to showcase a single featured game, I've added some options to make that look cooler: You can now configure iScored to not automatically resize the header image, and to stretch the background image to fill all available space. These options could be useful for other gameroom ideas as well. As always, please let me know at pezpunk@iScored.info or contact me on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/iScored.info/) if you find any bugs, or have a feature request!


Player's Best Scores Box

The "public" version of the game room has been improved -- if you click on the scorebox for a player, it will display all of that player's best scores. This "Best Scores" box also shows up next to the score input screen when updating an existing score. As always, please let me know at pezpunk@iScored.info or contact me on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/iScored.info/) if you run into any issues, or want to give feedback on these new features! See you at Pinburgh next week!


Win/Loss and Time-Based Scoring!

Added support for two new score types. In addition to keeping track of high scores, you can also now track win/loss records, and best times, and sort any game's scores in either ascending or descending order: These new features can be found by clicking the "Toggle Advanced Options" button for any game: Please let me know at pezpunk@iScored.info if you run into any issues, or want to give feedback on these new features!


Hide the Banner and the Scrollbar!

Minor update with two new features:

1. You can now hide the banner completely! Go into the "Banner" tab of the Settings screen, and there is now a checkbox to disable it.
2. You can also now disable the horizontal scrollbar at the bottom of the gameroom screen. Go to the "options" tab of the settings screen, and select "Disable Horizontal Scrollbar".

By the way, you can always email me at pezpunk@iScored.info or contact me on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/iScored.info/ if you have any problems or suggestions. Have fun and thanks for using iScored!!


Enable/Disable Games!

I promise that tournament support is coming soon, but I know some of you are having events on New Year's Eve, so I wanted to get something out to help facilitate that. This new feature lets you enable and disable games from the settings screen. This way, you can temporarily hide games without deleting them altogether: For a tournament or other event, you can create tournament-specific versions of each game, and hide the regular versions. Once "tournament support" is added (soon!), this process will be more automated.
Happy new year, everyone!


Minor Bug Fixes

Fixed some minor bugs. Most notably, sessions should no longer expire unless the user explicitly logs out, or a very long time has passed since your last login. This means you won't have to log in every time, and you shouldn't be unexpectedly logged out anymore.


Overhaul to "Add New Game" Dialog!

Integrated the Community styles with the "Add New Game" dialog, and got rid of those old lame built-in styles. This should make the whole process of adding new games a lot better, and ensure that everyone is aware that the Community Styles exist! One known issue is that there is currently no on-screen keyboard for the new Add Game dialog box. Hopefully I remember to fix that at some point!


iScored Giveaway Contest!

I'm giving away a free lifetime membership to iScored! See this Facebook post for details! https://www.facebook.com/iScored.info/posts/1403691866442307


Support for Full Names!

Added support for name entries up to 25 characters, instead of just three: You will need to enable this feature under the "Options" tab. Note that if you enable this feature, you may want to go into the advanced settings and change the font sizes. 20px seems to work okay most of the time: I have also gone through and created new versions of a lot of the existing styles in the Community section, making a second version with smaller fonts, so that they work with the 25-character limit.

Second, I changed the way the "auto lock" feature works. Previously, it only locked the "Settings" page, which didn't really quite do what people needed, especially since the "Community" page was still accessible even with "lock" enabled. What people really wanted out of that feature was for non-privileged users to simply enter or update scores. No reason to give them access to the navigation menu at all, really. So now, instead of locking just the settings page, it locks the dropdown menu itself. If the dropdown menu is clicked and lock is enabled, it will not open unless the user enters the correct password. For convenience, even if auto-lock is enabled, once unlocked, the menu will remain unlocked as long as the user is navigating between the Settings and Community pages -- as soon as they leave either of those pages, it locks again.

Third, I fixed a dumb style bug that was causing the game room to incorrectly apply the scorebox CSS styles to the score entry popup. This was causing weird problems with some styles.


Optional Scrollbars!

Added an option for the user to add scrollbars to each column. This doesn't look as nice, but it should at least make the app usable for people who don't have a touchscreen or a scroll wheel on their mouse.


Donkey Kong Kill Screen Coming Up

Just a quick note ... iScored is Billy Mitchell Approved: you can input whatever score you want!



I just deployed a new version with some minor bug fixes, and a new feature: dates! As usual, you can enable this feature in the settings under the "options" tab: Two caveats and one apology:

First, you can't style the dates for the moment. The ability to do so might get added later, but it'd be a lot of work.

Second, for now at least, dates are in relation to the server's timezone, which is CDT (Central U.S. time). I'll improve this in the future with some code to auto-detect the client's timezone, and so forth. Consider this the first basic step towards several interesting new features.

And third, I am sorry, I screwed up: I thought the system was saving dates for scores in the database all along. It was doing so on my test server, and on my dev box. However, while testing this new feature, I discovered a small glitch in the production database which was causing dates not to be saved. This glitch went unnoticed because I wasn't using the dates for anything, and it was working properly on the test server. Bottom line is that unfortunately, no dates were saved for scores prior to 3/31/2018. If you enable this feature, the date area will be blank for any scores older than that date.


Public URL for Your Game Room!

Added an option to share a read-only version of your gameroom with anyone via URL! The public version looks identical to the regular version, but people can't enter or edit scores, and the navigation dropdown only has 3 items -- a fullscreen button, a link to the FAQ, and a link to the Homepage.

This feature is disabled by default, so if you want to use it, you will have to go in and enable it. (I'm trying to err on the side of maintaining users' privacy here)


Bug Fixes!

Some minor bug fixes are live:


Community Styles!

This is it, they're finally here! Share your styles with other users! Browse other peoples' creations and apply them to your games!

There is a new section, titled "Community": Clicking that will open up the main Community page, where you can browse for styles shared by other users. Clicking on a style will load it in the preview pane. Then you can either create a new game in your game room with that style, or add that style to an existing game in your game room: And finally, you can manage the styles that you personally have created. You can share, unshare, or delete them: To share a style, just select a game from your game room, and click the "Share This Style" button. You'll be given the opportunity to give it a title and a description: I really want to give a huge thank you to everyone who has signed up for iScored! I am glad you guys seem to find it useful and fun!


Auto-Refresh Scores!

Added an option to auto-refresh scores:


Lock the Settings Screen!

You can now lock the settings screen. Your password is required to unlock it. This way, guests or patrons can't mess with your settings: (also fixed a few minor bugs...)